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Juan de Dios Torralbo Caballero: Novella-mania in English Literature: William Painter, 38. Boccaccio, 3.9


This paper begins with an exploration of the concept of "novella-mania", first proposed by Robert Clemens and Joseph Gibaldi in 1977. It goes on to examine the literary publications of William Painter, focusing primarily on his collection of short stories. Thirdly, it will examine Roger Ascham's negative reaction to the dissemination and popularisation of Italian literature in England, driven by his anti-papist views. Lastly, this study will make several comments on the translation of Boccaccio's story of Giletta of Narbonne (Decameron, Third Day, Ninth Story) by Painter, who included the story as number 38 in his publication. 

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