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Barbara Káli-Rozmis: The Visits of Empress Elisabeth of Austria in Britain and its Impact on the English and Irish People


DOI 10.51313/alumni-2020-2


This paper focuses on the impact the visits of Empress Elisabeth of Austria (1854-1898) and Queen consort of Hungary (1867-1898) had on the British and Irish people. Elisabeth is mostly remembered as being one of the most beautiful women of her time. However, she was also one of the best women riders of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. It might not be an exaggeration to say that her name can be mentioned among the best who have ever ridden in the British Isles. In Britain, between 1874 and 1882 the Empress stayed seven times: five times in England and twice in Ireland. The English said that “there was nothing but praise for a woman [Empress Elisabeth] who ‘looked like an angel and rode like the devil’” (Haslip 1987: 325).


Keywords: Empress Elisabeth of Austria, Empress Elisabeth, Franz Joseph, Bay Middleton, Queen Victoria, horse riding, Lord Spencer, Marie Festetics

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