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Sajmira Kopani: A Book Review of Transition, Participation and Self-Governance – The Institutional Change of Hungarian Chambers (2023)

Book review

DOI 10.51313/Freeside-2023-11

Dr Péter Krisztián Zachar, well-known for his academic research on advocacy and chamber organisations, recently published a book titled “Transition, Participation and SelfGovernance - The Institutional Changes of Hungarian Chambers”. This book mainly highlights a comprehensive outlook of the necessary changes around the Hungarian Chamber System, including a clear picture of the past, the overall development, the current activities, and related concerns. Adding to that, it is also acknowledged to provide various critical insights based on decision-making and social policy of the specific country. A collection of knowledge about operational mechanisms and the concept of a democratic political system is also exposed by the book. Other than that, it also demonstrates embracing the pros and cons related to the given subject mentioned in the article, while sharing the after experience of reading them. This book can be significant for future academics by giving them basic cognitive ideas about active transition and participation in the chamber. It also helps practitioners boost their self-governance skills by highlighting the exercise of authority over oneself at the individual or national level. Moreover, many readers or academics will benefit from this book as it helps engage proficiently with the Chambers.

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