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László Zsolt Zságer: Miniature Carvings in the Canadian Dorset Culture: the Dorset Belief ‘System'


If one takes a look at the occupants of the Canadian Arctic during the course of history one can make a distinction between Paleo-Eskimo populations and Neo-Eskimo populations. The term Neo-Eskimo refers to the recent occupants of the Arctic, whereas Paleo-Eskimo pertains to preceding populations and cultures. The term Arctic Small Tool tradition (ASTt) comprises the Denbigh Flint Complex, Independence I, Saqqaq, Pre-Dorset and Dorset cultures. Dorset culture is considered to be a late Paleo-Eskimo culture because of its distinctive technological and artistic achievements enabling more efficient ways of hunting a wide range of species, the almost sedentary way of life and the emergence of an artistic style called Dorset Art.

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