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László Sipos: Tendency of mineral water consumption habits in HUngayr between 1993 and 2004


I have examined the tendency of mineral water consumption habits in Hungary, applying comparative research. I have taken Anikó Barkász' questionnaire made for mineral water market survey in 1993 and aimed for similarity in methods and inquiry for a better comparison. (Sampling based on the gender, age and dwelling of persons questioned.) My goal was to search for an answer as to what manner of changes have taken place during the last few years, how this has influenced the consumers' attitude, how often, when, where and for what purpose people buy, consume mineral water and why they decide for a certain product, and where they buy it. The result of the research is that consumption habits are generally influenced by the privatisation of state companies, a demand for a healthy lifestyle, with an increasing tendency of consumption in Europe, and a growing solvent demand and transformation of food distribution network.

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