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Modern cultural, literary and linguistic perspectives

Károly Káli-Rozmis: The Immortal and Mortal Origins of the Banshee


DOI 10.51313/alumni-2020-3


The banshee is one of the most important supernatural creatures in Ireland, due to her ominous and gloomy fate. There is a debate whether she is a goddess, an undead creature or a fairy; in the case of the modern banshee, all of these categories can be true due to her complex origin. Her oldest forms must have been such Irish warrior goddesses/fairy queens like Mórrigan or Badhbn and the Crone Sisters, who are called the Ladies of the Earth. That is why the personality of the banshee became richer when she incorporated other elements from mortal women. Therefore, the contemporary banshee can be claimed to possess strong connections with both humans and immortals and both of them are equally essential in her evolution.

Keywords: banshee, pagan Ireland, Mórrigan, Badhbh, undead creatures, evolution

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